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Comment from: bernadette [Visitor]  

Well it’s about time I saw an update on this website. I love your pictures and tales from the Middle East.
It’s going to storm tomorrow :-( ugh snow. Terry and Beth are coming for Xmas dinner along with Brent’s family.Should be a really nice time.
Work is busy as hell.
Did you get your container yet?
How is Annette’s visa?

12/19/09 @ 20:28
Comment from: bernadette [Visitor]  

Merry Christmas Paul and Annette and the furry babes.

Love Berns, Brent and Lulu

12/25/09 @ 09:55
Comment from: Jane Richardson [Visitor]  
Jane Richardson

Well I am no loger a blog virgin. My 1st one - ever!! Probably not something I should admit at my age.
The are looks BEAUTIFUL. Nice to see you are having so much fun.
We are settled in the new house and had a lovely Christmas.
Not sure how much you are supposed to type on these things.
Austin is well. Very cute. He started guitar lessons this week and so far seems to really like it.
Take Crre

01/06/10 @ 20:44

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